Factors affecting the life of mud shaker screen

  • Factors affecting the life of mud shaker screen factors affecting the life of mud shaker screen  

    For the use of mud shaker more enterprises, the cost of screen use a year is not a small expense, the following to understand the reasons for the easy damage of the shaker screen.  

    The main reasons for rapid damage of mud shaker screen:  

    1. The quality of screen mesh is an important factor that causes the screen mesh to be damaged too quickly.  If the material of the screen can not meet the screening requirements of the material, the screen is damaged quickly.  Customers in the selection of vibrating screen machine also want to choose the appropriate mesh.  

    2. The screen tensioning strength is not enough, so that the screen vibration, usually along the screen edge or the edge of the strip fracture or damage.  

    3. The screen generally has the upper screen layer and the lower stress layer.  It is required that the 2 layers are closely matched. If the screen pre-tensioning process is poor, when the stress layer at the bottom of the screen is taut, the screen layer is not taut, so the distance between the vibration of the screen mesh is too large when the screen machine is working, and the contact part of the screen frame can not be effectively pressed, which is also one of the reasons for the screen damage too fast.  

    4 material feeding problem, because in the process of vibrating screen work, continuous feeding, but if the one-time feeding too much, hinder the normal movement of material on the screen surface, not only easy to make the screen fatigue loose, and will greatly reduce the amount of material handling.  One time to give a large number of materials, will make itself in the unbalanced operation of the click load suddenly increased, not only easy to damage the screen, but also easy to cause damage to the vibration motor, so in the material to uniform feeding.  In the feeding mode of strong impact force, must be installed to vibrating screen buffer hopper, material directly impact screen will consume the vibration force generated by the vibration source, more likely to cause screen damage and screen fatigue.  

Post time: Mar-28-2022